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The easy-to-understand legal content on FreeAdvice.com is prepared and continually updated by nationally respected specialists at dozens of leading American law firms, by highly credentialed attorneys and legal professionals on the company's legal and editorial staffs, and by the company's extensive network of participating attorneys.

The insurance information at FreeAdvice.com is prepared and updated by leading insurance experts who view insurance from the consumer's perspective and includes extensive consumer reviews.

We accept submissions of original high-quality legal, insurance and financial/investment content, including articles, Q&As, how to's, videos, and interactive tools for publication on our sites. We also welcome visitor suggestions for new and expanded material. Add content here

Our FreeAdvice Forums at https://forum.freeadvice.com/ are the Internet's most visited consumer legal forums. Consumers can pose questions and receive answers and suggestions from other consumers, experts, and attorneys in 50 topics.

FreeAdvice.com provides the most useful, easy-to-understand, comprehensive and balanced legal information, general legal advice, and insurance help to consumers and small businesses. 

Online for more than 20 years, FreeAdvice.com has won many awards and honors:

  • Voted the most extremely useful legal website for consumers in the USA Today/Intelli-Quest Poll
  • Selected by PC World as one of the Best 125 Free Sites on the entire web
  • Named the legal site of the year by Access Magazine
  • Highlighted as one of the 100 featured sites of PC Magazine's Best 1000 websites. 

FreeAdvice has received repeated accolades and top recognition on many radio and TV shows and in such highly respected publications as the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, and Forbes Magazine's Best of the Web, the leading legal website for consumers.

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