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General Practice Law Firms practice not one, but many areas of law, and they handle a variety of legal issues. In this section you will find answers to basic legal questions, as well as a wealth of information and advice regarding legal remedies, contract law, consumer guarantee issues, lawsuits, lemon law, traffic law and more. You will also find information concerning when it is in your best interest to hire a General Practice attorney.

There are a number of reasons why a firm may be structured as a general practice as opposed to a specialized practice. Often times, novice lawyers will work as general practitioners until they pinpoint one particular area of the law to focus their careers. It is also common to find lawyers in small communities working as general practitioners in order to attract more business and meet a wide range of community needs. Specialized law practices, on the other hand, generally offer services in just one or two areas of law. Such practices are better suited to larger cities where there are more lawyers, and a heightened need for specialized legal services.

Sometimes a general practice consists of several attorneys or practice groups, whose combined expertise gives the firm the ability to tackle a variety of legal issues. In other instances a law practice is structured around a certain client group, such as entertainment industry clients. These firms deal with a variety of legal areas as they relate to one industry. Such firms can be said to engage in a “General Practice” for clients within that industry.

Because general practice attorneys are likely to be versed in a variety of legal topics, from accident and personal injury law to business and estate planning, they are especially useful to people who require assistance with multiple legal matters on a regular basis. Clients who retain general practitioners have the added benefit of developing a long-term relationship with an attorney who understands their needs.

Additionally, not every legal issue falls within one area of practice, for example, someone who experiences the wrongful death of a family member may wish to file a civil lawsuit for the wrongful death, and they may also require assistance in probate. Someone facing such a loss would benefit from hiring a general practice attorney or firm that is equipped to deal with a variety of legal issues.

General practitioners can also be helpful to individuals who need basic legal documents drafted like in the case of an uncomplicated sale of a house, for a lemon law case, or for a breach of warranty claim.

For more information regarding general practice, or for advice as to when it is in your best interest to retain a general practice attorney, refer to the articles and frequently asked questions in this section.