Small Claims Court Links To Each State

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State Maximum Amount Brochures/Pamphlets Court Links Attorney General Links
Alabama $6,000

Alabama Small Claims Courts

Alabama Guide to Small Claims

Alabama Court Link Alabama Attorney General
Alaska $10,000

Alaska Brochure (PDF)

Small Claims Information Sheet

Alaska Court Link Alaska Attorney General
Arizona $3,500 Arizona Brochure

Arizona Court Link

Arizona Attorney General
Arkansas $5,000 Arkansas Brochure (PDF) Arkansas Court Link Arkansas Attorney General
California $10,000 California Brochure and Consumer Affairs doc California Court Link California Attorney General
Colorado $7,500 Colorado Brochure Colorado Court Link Colorado Attorney General
Connecticut $5,000 Connecticut Brochure Connecticut Court Link Connecticut Attorney General
Delaware $15,000 Delaware Brochure Delaware Justice of the Peace Court Link Delaware Attorney General
Dist of Co $10,000 District of Columbia Brochure District of Columbia Court Link District of Columbia Attorney General
Florida $5,000 Florida Brochure Florida Court Link Florida Attorney General
Georgia $15,000 Georgia Brochure Georgia Court Link Georgia Attorney General
Hawaii $5,000

Hawaii Brochure, First District (PDF)

Hawaii Brochure, Second District (PDF)

Hawaii Brochure, Third District (PDF)

Hawaii Court Link Hawaii Attorney General
Idaho $5,000 Idaho Brochure Idaho Court Link Idaho Attorney General
Illinois $10,000 Illinois Brochure Illinois Court Link Illinois Attorney General
Indiana $6,000

Indiana Brochure

Small Claims Manual

Indiana Court Link Indiana Attorney General
Iowa $5,000 Iowa Brochure Iowa Court Link Iowa Attorney General
Kansas $4,000 Kansas Brochure Kansas Court Link Kansas Attorney General
Kentucky $2,500 Kentucky Brochure (PDF) Kentucky Court Link Kentucky Attorney General
Louisiana $5,000 Louisiana Brochure--Baton Rouge Louisiana Court Link (Baton Rouge) Louisiana Attorney General
Maine $6,000

Maine Guide to Small Claims (PDF)

Maine Court Link Maine Attorney General
Maryland $5,000 Maryland Brochure Maryland Court Link Maryland Attorney General
Massachusetts $7,000 Massachusetts Brochure Massachusetts Court Link Massachusetts Attorney General
Michigan $6,000 Michigan Brochure Michigan Court Link Michigan Attorney General
Minnesota $15,000 Minnesota Brochure Minnesota Court Link Minnesota Attorney General
Mississippi $3,500 Mississippi Court Link Mississippi Attorney General
Missouri $5,000 Missouri Brochure Missouri Court Link Missouri Attorney General
Montana $7,000 Montana Brochure Montana Court Link Montana Attorney General
Nebraska $3,600 Nebraska Brochure Nebraska Court Link Nebraska Attorney General
Nevada $10,000 Nevada County Brochures Nevada Court Link Nevada Attorney General
New Hampshire $10,000 New Hampshire Brochure New Hampshire Court Link New Hampshire Attorney General
New Jersey $3,000 or $5,000
tenant security deposits
New Jersey Brochure New Jersey Court Link New Jersey Attorney General
New Mexico $10,000 New Mexico Brochure New Mexico Court Link New Mexico Attorney General
New York $5,000 New York Brochure (PDF) New York Court Links New York Attorney General
North Carolina $10,000 North Carolina Brochure North Carolina Court Link North Carolina Attorney General
North Dakota $15,000 North Dakota Brochure (PDF) North Dakota Court Link North Dakota Attorney General
Ohio $3,000 Ohio Brochure (PDF) Ohio Court Link Ohio Attorney General
Oklahoma $7,500 Oklahoma Brochure Oklahoma Court Link Oklahoma Attorney General
Oregon $5,000--$10K
depends on county
Oregon Brochure Oregon Court Link Oregon Attorney General
Pennsylvania $12,000
depends on county
Pennsylvania Brochure (Philadelphia County) (PDF) Pennsylvania Court Link Pennsylvania Attorney General
Rhode Island $2,500 Rhode Island (Providence) Brochure Rhode Island Court Link Rhode Island Attorney General
South Carolina $7,500 South Carolina Brochure South Carolina Court Link South Carolina Attorney General
South Dakota $12,000 South Dakota Brochure South Dakota Court Link South Dakota Attorney General
Tennessee $15,000 or 25,000
depends on jurisdiction
Tennessee Brochure Tennessee Court Link Tennessee Attorney General
Texas $10,000 Texas Brochure (Dallas County) Texas Court Link Texas Attorney General
Utah $11,000 Utah Brochure Utah Court Link Utah Attorney General
Vermont $5,000 Vermont Brochure Vermont Court Link Vermont Attorney General
Virginia $5,000 Virginia Brochure (PDF) Virginia Court Link Virginia Attorney General
Washington $5,000 Washington Brochure Washington Court Link Washington Attorney General
West Virginia $5,000 West Virginia Brochure West Virginia Court Link West Virginia Attorney General
Wisconsin $10,000
exceptions exist
Wisconsin Brochure Wisconsin Court Link Wisconsin Attorney General
Wyoming $5,000 Wyoming Brochure Wyoming Court Link Wyoming Attorney General