Ohio Secretary Husted Will Not Comply With Federal Court Early Voting Order

U.S. LawOhio Secretary of State Husted issued a Directive yesterday stating that an Ohio law ending early voting will remain in effect despite a federal court judgment striking down the law last week. Federal District Court Judge Peter Economus ruled Ohio’s law an unconstitutional denial of equal access to vote because it allowed early voting for overseas uniformed staff and citizens, but not for the rest of Ohioans, many of whom work full days and benefit from the weekend time to vote before an election.

In his Directive, Secretary Husted pointed to voter confusion as his primary reason for non-compliance with Judge Economus’ order to restore early voting and argued that litigation over the issue is still ongoing and that an appeal of Judge Economus’ decision could restore the Ohio law later on, which could lead to voter confusion. Husted goes on to state, “… this Directive strictly prohibits county boards of elections from determining hours for the Friday, Saturday, Sunday, or Monday before the election.”

The Obama Campaign filed a motion today asking the federal court to enforce Judge Economus' order requiring a reinstatement of voting the three days before the November 2012 election.

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