Federal Court in Ohio Strikes Down Law Restricting Early Voting

U.S. CourtFederal Court Judge Peter Economus has struck down an Ohio law that eliminates early voting in the three-day period preceding an election for all Ohio voters except for uniform services and overseas voters. The decision, filed today, details the history of the lawsuit, Obama for America vs. Jon Husted, and orders that in person voting be allowed for all eligible Ohio voters for the November 2012 election on the following days: Saturday, November 3rd, Sunday, November 4th and Monday, November 5th.

Judge Economus struck down the Ohio law (by granting a preliminary injunction against the law) on the grounds that it denied voters the constitutionally protected right to vote on an equal footing with other citizens in Ohio. The fact that some citizens were given the opportunity to vote in the three days before the election while others could not constituted a denial of equal access. Today’s decision will likely be appealed to the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals.

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