2012 Government Law Legal News Archives

December 2012

Vulgar Holiday Light Display Protected by Federal Judge

Thursday, 27 December, 2012

States Sue EPA Over Drilling Methane Emissions

Thursday, 13 December, 2012

Congress to Remove 'Lunatic' From Law Wording

Saturday, 8 December, 2012

Supreme Court to Hear Same-Sex Marriage Cases

Friday, 7 December, 2012

Washington State Governor Signs Same Sex Marriage into Law

Thursday, 6 December, 2012

Strict Georgia Abortion Law Faces ACLU Lawsuit

Tuesday, 4 December, 2012

November 2012

New Jersey Shore Town Engaged in Legal Battle Over Sand Dune Barriers

Tuesday, 27 November, 2012

Santa Monica Ban on Nativity Display Passes Constitutional Challenge

Wednesday, 21 November, 2012

Supreme Court to Reconsider Voting Rights Law

Monday, 12 November, 2012

October 2012

Kentucky Amish Lose Buggy Exemption Case

Monday, 29 October, 2012

Suit Filed Against NYC for Civil Rights Violations in Occupy Protests

Thursday, 25 October, 2012

New York City Dept. of ED Sued For False Medicaid Claims

Wednesday, 24 October, 2012

Federal Court Deals Blow to DOMA in Windsor vs. United States

Thursday, 18 October, 2012

Environmental Groups Sue California Government Over Fracking

Thursday, 18 October, 2012

Early Voting in Ohio Upheld by U.S. Supreme Court

Tuesday, 16 October, 2012

Government Talks of Suing Google in Antitrust Lawsuit

Monday, 15 October, 2012

Lawyer Who Has Filed Over 1,000 ADA Lawsuits Forces Burger Joint to Close

Thursday, 4 October, 2012

Pennsylvania Judge Stalls Voter ID Law

Tuesday, 2 October, 2012

September 2012

Woman Fined $15 for Her Swearing Cuckatoo Challenges Local Law

Saturday, 29 September, 2012

Vietnamese Bloggers Receive Harsh Prison Sentences

Tuesday, 25 September, 2012

Legal Issues Arise When People With Service Dogs are Turned Away

Sunday, 23 September, 2012

New Jersey Is Latest To Adopt No-Smile Driver Licenses

Saturday, 22 September, 2012

North Carolina Law Punishing Students for Online Comments Raises Free Speech Questions

Wednesday, 19 September, 2012

Hulu Loses Online Privacy Case

Monday, 10 September, 2012

Ohio Secretary Husted Backs Down - Issues New Directive

Friday, 7 September, 2012

Ohio Secretary of State Ordered to Appear in Court Next Week

Thursday, 6 September, 2012

Ohio Secretary Husted Will Not Comply With Federal Court Early Voting Order

Tuesday, 4 September, 2012

August 2012

Federal Court in Ohio Strikes Down Law Restricting Early Voting

Friday, 31 August, 2012

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