The Plan: Emancipation by a Minor Teen

Emancipation, as it relates to a minor, means that the minor is freed from parental control. Emancipation in some states can occur with the happening of an event like enlisting in the military or pregnancy and childbirth.

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Temporary Child Custody

Temporary child custody, issued through a temporary custody order, is a court’s decision to award physical custody of a minor child to one parent pending a final determination of custody.

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How can a woman obtain a decree of paternity?

A woman can prove paternity, or obtain a decree of paternity which is a formal legal recognition that a specific man is the father of her child, in one of two ways. She may join with the father in signing and filing a formal document, or, if the man does not agree to sign the document, the mother can petition the court for a court order declaring the man’s paternity. This may involve a court ordered paternity test.

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We’ve compiled several links and resources that provide general child custody information and legal advice. Issues like child abuse and neglect, termination of parental rights, visitation agreements, non-custodial parental rights, and more resources are listed below. If you need more information about child custody laws, use our free legal help tool below.