Legal Aid Resource List


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Alabama  Alabama Legal Services Program
Alaska  Alaska Legal Services Corporation
Arizona  Southern Arizona Legal Aid
   Arizona Coalition Against Domestic Violence (resources for domestic violence victims)
   William E. Morris Institute for Justice (legal services for rural Arizona)
   DNA-People’s Legal Service (provides legal services to low-income residents of the Navajo Nation reservation)
Arkansas  Arkansas Legal Services Partnership
California  California Rural Legal Assistance (provides assistance to low-income residents and farmers in rural California)
   Central California Legal Services (civil legal help for low-income residents of central California)
   California Department of Consumer Affairs (links to all California county legal aid websites)
Colorado (information on Colorado civil legal aid)
   Colorado Directory of Pro Bono Programs
Connecticut  Connecticut Legal Services (website providing information about elder law issues)
   Statewide Legal Services of Connecticut
Delaware  Delaware Volunteer Legal Services (volunteer attorneys assist low-income clients)
District of Columbia  Legal Aid Society of the District of Columbia
Florida  Florida Legal Services
   Community Legal Services of Mid-Florida
   Legal Services of North Florida
   Florida Rural Legal Services
   Florida Legal Aid FAQ pamphlet (contains contact information for all county legal aid agencies)
Georgia (information on legal aid resources)
   Atlanta Legal Aid Society
Hawaii  Legal Aid Hawaii
Idaho  Idaho Legal Aid Services
Illinois  Illinois Legal Aid
   University of Chicago Edwin Mandel Legal Aid Clinic
Indiana  Legal Services of Indiana
Iowa  Iowa Legal Aid
Kansas  Kansas Legal Services
Kentucky  Kentucky Legal Aid (serves western Kentucky)
   Legal Aid Society (serves eastern Kentucky)
Maine  University of Maine Cumberland Legal Aid Clinic (3rd year law students provide legal aid to low income clients)
Maryland  Maryland Legal Aid Bureau
   Maryland People’s Law Library
Massachusetts  Massachusetts Legal Help
  Massachusetts Legal Aid Corporation
Michigan  State Bar of Michigan Legal Aid Resources
   Michigan Legal Aid
Minnesota  Minnesota Legal Services Coalition
   Mid Minnesota Legal Assistance
Missouri  Missouri Legal Aid Offices
   Legal Aid of Western Missouri
Montana  Montana Legal Services Association
Nebraska  Legal Aid of Nebraska
   Nebraska Equal Justice Clearinghouse
New Hampshire  New Hampshire Legal Assistance
New Jersey  Legal Services of New Jersey
New Mexico  United Way of Central New Mexico
New York  The Legal Aid Society
   U.S. Department of Justice List of Free Legal Resources in New York
North Carolina  Legal Aid of North Carolina
North Dakota  Legal Services of North Dakota General Information
Ohio  Ohio Legal Help
Oklahoma  Oklahoma Legal Aid Resource List
   Oklahoma Legal Services
Oregon  Oregon State Bar Legal Aid FAQ
   Legal Aid Services of Oregon
   PA Legal Services Providers
Rhode Island  Rhode Island Legal Services
South Carolina  South Carolina Legal Aid Information
South Dakota  South Dakota domestic violence resources
   University of South Dakota Elderlaw forum
   Housing and Urban Development Legal Aid Information
Tennessee  Tennessee Legal Aid
Texas  Legal Aid of Northwest Texas
   Texas Rio Grande Legal Aid
   U.S. Department of Justice List of Texas Legal Aid Resources
Utah  Legal Aid Society of Salt Lake City
   Utah Bar List of Pro Bono Resources
Vermont  Vermont Legal Aid
   Vermont Womens Commission Legal Resources
Virginia  Virginia Legal Aid Society
   Virginia Civil Legal Information
Washington  Washington Law
   Campaign for Equal Justice in Washington State
West Virginia  Legal Help for West Virginians
   Legal Aid Office Locator
Wisconsin  Wisconsin Bar Legal Aid Resources
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