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  • Insurance Carrier: Liberty Mutual
  • State: CA

Consumer Complaint:

My wife was at an intersection and went over the limit line. She adjusted her car back behind the line but forgot to put it back in drive. When the traffic light turned green she backed up into the car behind her. No one was injured and damage to the bumpers on both cars appeared to be minimal but the other driver filed a claim for damages.

Now, Liberty Mutual is threatening to pull our good driver discount. Liberty Mutual has increased our rates over the last 6 years but never has decreased them, even though our driving records have been good and no claims by us or against us. They claim to have an \”accident forgiveness\” policy on the TV commercials and to also offer rates that are lower then other companies but this type of behavior isn’t reflecting it.

What recourse do I have about there gouging me for their product and the violation of their professed \”accident forgiveness\” policy?

Insurance Expert Answer:

The issue here is there was an accident, your wife made a mistake causing the accident, and if the Good Driver Discount only goes to drivers who have not had any recent accidents, she's not eligible any longer. As for constantly rates going up, I understand; I hate to pay more each year too; and the article I pasted below discusses that issue. But the good news is we live in a free country, there are lots of insurance companies, and you are free to cancel your coverage at any time and vote with your feet if any other company will give you a better deal. BUT one bit of advice.

There are companies out there that are consistently horrible to deal with, that screw their own customers and any people they injure. It may cost a bit more to deal with a better company, but it's worth it.

The study at ranks the companies.

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