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  • Insurance Carrier: Ace American Insurance Comp. (broker Is Lockton Companies, Dallas, Tx)
  • State: IL

Consumer Complaint:

I have commercial property that was rented by a tenant, and while under lease it was vandalized and damaged to the tune of over $200k. The tenant was required to carry insurance and it did. I have a certificate of liability showing Ace American Insurance as the insurer. The tenant refuses to pay fully for the damages and the insurance company refers us to the tenant. I do not know what to do.

1- How can I get the insurance company’s attention?
2- Someone told me that the tenant is self insured. Can a tenant be self insured and at the same time have its broker sends us certificate of liability showing Ace American as the insurance company? Are they misleading me?

Thanks for your help.

Insurance Expert Answer:

It's time to go to an attorney and have the attorney deal with it as it is clear that if nothing is forthcoming from your efforts to deal with the tenant or insurance company, much stronger guns need be brought in.

From our quick research there is a real Ace American Insurance Company based in Philadelphia. While it is always possible the Tenant or Broker sent you a fraudulent Certificate of Coverage, that the company does not deny there is a policy but refers you back to the Tenant is suspicious.

Even if the tenant had a large self-insured retention, the Company should have responded and usually manages the claims for the insureds.

Get a lawyer who knows about insurance matters; our is a great place to find one -- look under insurance attorneys.

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