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  • Insurance Carrier: Allstate
  • State: GA

Consumer Complaint:

In July/August of 2006 I became a customer of Allstate through agent, Wayne REDACTED. At the time I was in the market for homeowners insurance and Mr. REDACTED encouraged me to include my automobile insurance to be eligible for a discount. I told him I wanted comprehensive, collision, uninsured motorist, rental coverage as well as road side service. To my dismay, when I made my claim on April 13, 2009, I was told that I did not have rental coverage and found out that Mr. REDACTED is no longer with Allstate. I would like to know if Mr. REDACTED has errors and omissions insurance and to get reimbursed the $372.97 that it cost me to rent a car while mine was being serviced.

Insurance Expert Answer:

Even if your agent was still with the insurance carrier, this would likely be a \"he said, she said\" situation.

You'd say you did ask for collision, the agent would say you did not, and the Company would say \"we sent you the policy, and at any time in the past 3 years you could have easily seen it did not include rental coverage,\" we did not charge you for it and complaining now is too late.

Of course, if the agent was terminated for misconduct (and the state insurance department may make license and termination information available) you'd have a better chance of convincing someone that you were right and the agent was wrong, and a letter to the CEO might get someone to listen, but I doubt it. Whether the agent had E&O insurance or not, the issues are the same. The E&O carrier will not just fork over the money.

If you could sue in small claims court, your damages would likely be reduced by the premium you did not pay.

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