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  • Insurance Carrier: Allstate
  • State: WA

Consumer Complaint:

My 2007 Suzuki and I were rear ended on 1/30/09 by 1st a Tahoe going approx 45 mph, then a Mazda hit the Tahoe which then hit me again. My insurance company decided to fix my vehicle without my authorization. The vaule of my car, pre-accident, was at most $12,010. The estimated cost of repairs came in at $10,100. I questioned why they decided to fix it. I asked what would the vaule of my car be after the repairs. What ‘penalty’ would there be according to CarFax. I can not find anyone who will estimate my car to be worth more then $3000.00 right now, after repairs have been done to standard. I can not trade in my car, because of the branding done by CarFax and the low estimated value. I can not drive my behicle due to injuries caused by this accident. I am borrowing a vehicle with a time line to resolve these issues. My lawyer advised me to not to speak to any insurance company involved in this matter. I need help.

Insurance Expert Answer:

Your attorney seems to be giving you GREAT advice.

Anything you would say to the insurance company -- your company or the other drivers' companies, can and will be used against you and could seriously undermine your case.

In almost all cases where there is both property damage and personal injury the property damages portion of the claim is the small part -- the personal injury is the major part, often by a factor of more than 10. Yet, because the damaged car is a thorn in the side, people put far too much attention in on that aspect of the accident.

It makes absolutely no sense to me that your insurance company fixed your car rather than totalled it. Indeed, I do not know how they lawfully could do that without your consent.

Yet, as annoying and awful as that was, this is something that your lawyer should straighten out as the case moves forward.  Be patient. Continue driving the car you borrowed or rent a car if needed. Listen to your lawyer.

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