• Insurance Carrier: United Automobile Insurance Company
  • State: FL

Consumer Complaint:

My insurance company denied claim for an automobile accident (09/22/08) involving my son who drove my car without my permission and during my absence out of the country.

Claim rejected due to material misrepresentation since he was not on my insurance policy. My agent did not add him in July 2008 when I renewed the policy but swore under oath I did not tell him I have a son who lives with me. Been with agent for 5 years who sold me insurance for United Automobile Insurance Company under different premium finance agencies. Found this out on October 31, 2008 that I was paying premiums indirectly to the same company. Adjuster refuses to answer her phone and does not return calls promptly. Car declared total loss; adjuster still has not informed me of this decision via mail or phone call; letter was left at body shop to be picked up. Received letter in mail stating I have 10 business days to remove my crashed leased car, still have to make the payments. The car was sent to an auction place which refused to let me see the car on Nov 10. Showed me only pictures of car.

Insurance Expert Answer:

This is one we can't answer. Laws, rules and court decisions on something like this vary by state. If you did not file criminal grand theft auto charges against your son I'd have difficulty believing you too. While you may have a claim against the agent for failing to get you the proper coverage that's a long shot.