• Insurance Carrier: Farmers Insurance
  • State: OR

Consumer Complaint:

I was involved in an automobile accident December 24, 2007. Farmers Insurance accepted full liability for the accident as their insured was found at fault. My car required repair and I signed for a rental car from Enterprise while my car was in the shop. The rental agency was compensated $257.30 less than they required and my insurance carrier – USAA said they paid all repairs and rental up to my policy’s limits and they requested reimbursement from Farmer’s. I have been informed by USAA that Farmer’s Insurance should be liable to pay the remaining $257.30 due to Enterprise, but today I received a telephone call from a collection agency saying that the remaining $257.30 has not been paid and now interest at 9% will be applied to the outstanding balance due Enterprise. I do not have $250.00 laying around to pay for rental car fees. Going without a vehicle was not an option in December as I am a single parent and I need to work to support my family, and unfortunately my life requires a car. So… do I have to pay the rental company while Farmer’s washes their hands of obligation? Please help make this make sense.

Insurance Expert Answer:

Ask your insurance company to contact the car rental company.