• Insurance Carrier: Hanover Citizens
  • State: MI

Consumer Complaint:

I was hit in head-on car accident 7-10-02. Out of work 3 yrs. Opened own business. Still seeking medical treatment for physical pain. Citizens refuses to pay because I am a fitness instructor. I rehabed myself w/muscle. But need bone pain medical. Took all coverage away and settlement offer she once offered. 33k. Told attorney she hated me. Want assistance with insurance and new nurse case manager. I have a lawyer. He is not helping. He settled already with the person who hit me for a small amount immediately. With the closed head injury I had suffered I trusted him 5 yrs ago. However, now he attempting to settle with my own insurance for a few thousand because he says I look fine. I want my insurance to cover my medical or give me a lump sum so I can provide myself with the proper medical. He doesn’t want to go to court because I look fit. I am a fitness instructor. I can work on my body but not the inside, such as nerves and soft tissue damage and my bones. Five different chiropractors told me I would be an invalid within 2-3 yrs if I didn’t get the damage fixed. My nerves are all pinched and I haven’t felt my toes in 6 yrs. Any attorney won’t handle it because it’s so old. I don’t trust him. What am I to do? I need help with this.

Insurance Expert Answer:

You have the right to change attorneys at any time. However, all lawyers know that a client who is dissatisfied with lawyer 1 is often also going to be dissatisfied with lawyer 2 no matter how good a job is done. Also, lawyer 2 has to share the fee with lawyer 1, so the case has to appear to have the potential for enough damages to make it attractive for 2 to want to step in.

Now if lawyer 1 does not have a particularly good reputation and/or it looks as if s/he clearly botched the case, a new lawyer might be more likely to take the case. But the big claim would seem to have been against the other driver, and that's over. Also, it's hard to convince a jury a person is seriously injured if the person looks healthy and fit. That's just the way it is.

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