• Insurance Carrier: American Republic Insurance
  • State: IL

Consumer Complaint:

American Republic Insurance is charging me over $8,000 a quarter. My mistake was going to the doctor for a checkup and they tested by blood and I was told I was diabetic. I could control it with diet or with a pill, so I was told. The pill seemed easier and I took that option.
I have had no diabetic claims, yet my payments are thru the roof. All they say is \”Due to rising health cost, everyone’s insurance goes up!\” Do you rate insurance companys by fair rates??? I’m told I am a potential claim risk … Pay or do without!

Insurance Expert Answer:

Yours is a horrible situation, as no one can afford that level of expense. So let's hope that a national health care program is implemented soon. It's long past due.

Although diabetes is an extremely serious condition, and the complications can be major and incredibly costly, it can be controlled. However, at the outset, the insurance company does not know that, and any person who is buying a policy for just himself faces a horrible premium, especially on diagnosis. The best approach would likely be to obtain coverage under a group plan, where people are usually not individually evaluated, and the rates are based on the experience of the group at large, or the population at large. Sometimes getting covered under a spouse's policy is the best bet. (We know folks who got married to become eligible for coverage under the spouse's insurance -- perhaps it's not romantic but it can be very practical.) If you can't become part of a group, check with other carriers and see if any has lower rates. The Blues often do, and some have \"open enrollment\" although I don't know what IL's practices are.