• Insurance Carrier: USAA
  • State: TN

Consumer Complaint:

The accident was deemed not my fault and the other driver’s insurance company totaled my car. Now, the amount is less than the pay off on my car and difference of offer and owed is around $2,400.

Insurance Expert Answer:

If the car is totaled you are entitled to be paid its fair market value (FMV) and the company totalling the car takes title and sells it for salvage.

If the FMV was lower than the amount you owed on the car before the accident, getting into an accident does not increase the car's value. In other words, your were in the hole (or upside down) before the accident and still are.

If you suffered any personal injury and can substantiate that injury (with medical bills, loss of income, any scar or similar harm) you should see a lawyer to determine if you're entitled to anything for that injury, assuming you did not waive all rights ion connection with the property damage claim.