• Insurance Carrier: Cigna
  • State: TX

Consumer Complaint:

My daughter has suffered depression for the past year and a half. In May of 2007 she attempted suicide, and then again a few months later. She went through therapy in Columbus, Ga, and Atlanta Ga., but was still severely depressed. We put her in the Menniger center in Houston and were told the insurance would possibly pay 80%. The insurance company declined and we had to take her out of treatment because the insurance company would not pay, citing the center was not an acute center and she was not suicidal. In Feb. 2008 she made another attempt at suicide and had to be hospitalized as a result and she was released 2 weeks later and she went through therapy as an outpatient in Columbus again. 8/8/08 she took her life. We have not been able to put her in an in house treatment facility where she could be treated inpatient. The insurance company would not pay for that. Also she had to quit her job because of her depression. I feel that Cigna should have provided for hospitalization for her and treated her inpatient. Thank you.

Insurance Expert Answer:

THIS IS TRAGIC AND I EXTEND MY SINCERE CONDOLENCES. You may want to speak with a highly experienced insurance lawyer, and ask if something meaningful might be done, to punish the insurance company and/or help others in her situation going forward. (The lawyers generally will not charge for an initial consultation, so don't worry about that.) some issues: Her age at date of death. Her marital status. Whether the insurance policy/health plan was her own coverage or your coverage. Whether that insurance/plan was individually purchased or provided by an employer, and if the latter, the name of the employer providing the plan.  Again our sincere condolences.