• Insurance Carrier: Travellers
  • State: OR

Consumer Complaint:

I called Travellers about a cancellation notice since I had paid the entire 6-month premium up front. They claim that after an interview with my wife they determined our policy should be $340 higher(>50%). They said they sent notices by mail but I did not see any until this latest letter. It’s possible they did I didn’t open it. Since I paid the entire premium I was not expecting a bill and if I’m not expecting something. I don’t read all the junk mail companies send me. Regardless they also had my email address and phone and never contacted me by either of those methods. Had they I would have had the option to cancel and go elsewhere that does not charge so much for a child with a permit that only has it for photo ID … he doesn’t even drive. Another reason for the increase I had a windshield ding repaired (not even replaced… that cost $65). I had already told them about claim where someone backed into my front bumper while I was shopping at the mall. Insurance only paid about $200 for that b/c $500deductible. They say I owe $200

Insurance Expert Answer:

Can't offer any suggestion. Having been a kid with a learner's permit and having had kids with learner's permits there is no way anyone will believe -- even if true -- that a kid has a learner's permit and will never drive. It does not compute, and NO insurance company would buy that story.

Let me share with you that kids cost insurance companies a fortune -- even more than they cause parents in increased premium. Second, an insurance company sends out letters, and if you don't open them you're stuck. They don't email and phone and send Fedex as well. Anytime you file any claim you risk increasing your future premium.