• Insurance Carrier: American Freedom Insurance
  • State: IL

Consumer Complaint:

The insurance company is not paying all of their part, to repair my vehicle, since I have to come up with an additional sum ($231.66) for other repairs having to do with mileage, and wear and tear on those parts that create mileage.

Insurance Expert Answer:

We get lots of complaints about that company, but I don't know if the company is YOUR carrier or the other driver's. If it's the former, they stand in the shoes of the other driver, who is liable only for the damage caused -- if you damage a 20-year old car you don't pay for a new one, so they probably arguably can deduct for the wear and tear. In most states, in the event of damage under a collision insurance policy the insurance company is obligated to pay for replacement parts (which may be used parts or aftermarket parts). So, if it's your carrier, complain to the IL insurance department in Springfield. But I'm assuming it is the other driver's.