• Insurance Carrier: Cincinnati Insurance Company
  • State: OH

Consumer Complaint:

I was stopped to make left turn when other driver hit me from behind at 40 mph. Damage to my car was fixed by his insurance. I did suffer injury to my neck as will as abd. cramping with abnormal vaginal bleeding, all treated by med. professionals. The insurance adjuster is refusing to negotiate unless I sign a blanket medical release. He will not accept records from me. Do I have to do this? What are my options?

Insurance Expert Answer:

STOP. This is a personal injury case with potentially significant damages. Further, the full consequences of the accident may not be known yet. The first rule in such cases is NEVER talk to an insurance adjuster without first speaking to a lawyer. The adjuster's job is to get you to be paid you as close to zero as he or she can get away with. He's going to get (or make up) admissions that you're okay, no after effects, it didn't hurt, your other insurance paid the bills, you didn't miss work, you could have merely taken tylenol, etc. etc. You are a babe in the woods full of wolves and tigers and bears when it comes to talking settlement of a personal injury case. This isn't a fender bender where the issue is how much it should cost to fix the car -- that's cut and dried and most good lawyers would not get involved as they can't add much value in such circumstances. The insurance companies are experts in these negotiations.

You need someone who is just as expert. You need an auto accident / personal injury lawyer NOW. They almost always work on a contingency basis and typically are paid about 1/3rd of what they help you recover, less expenses. BUT the 2/3rd left typically would be at least 3 to 5 times what you'd get from the insurance company yourself IF there is a real injury and real damages. If there isn't significant enough injury and damages, the lawyers will tell you upfront as they can't afford to be involved in small cases. Our affiliate www.AttorneyPages.com is a great place to find really capable local auto accident lawyers.