• Insurance Carrier: State Farm
  • State: PA

Consumer Complaint:

My brakes failed to work. I didn’t injure anyone, but my car was totaled and I hit three other cars. My insurance company was very helpful until they discovered they had not updated my file. The car dealer called and told them that I had leased a new car in May of 2008. I had paid the premium in April and again in October 2008. I had received a letter that because I was such a good driver they were reducing my premium. Now they won’t cover me.

Insurance Expert Answer:

If you spoke to an attorney he or she will know what is best in your situation. From here it seems that you may have a claim against the car manufacturer and dealer if the brakes on a new car failed.

Something also seems wrong if your insurance company (State Farm) is not paying for the damages you caused and defending you provided you were insured by them at the time, even on the old car (so long as it was a recent change of cars). If you are seeking collision coverage from State Farm, that MAY be another issue, and the timing involved in the change of cars is typically critically important.

Your lawyer knows the facts and PA's rules -- we don't. This something your lawyer can deal with, as if the act in bad faith there could be major consequences to them.