• Insurance Carrier: Secure Horizons( United Healthcare)
  • State: MO

Consumer Complaint:

My wife and I were going to lose our medicare supplement insurance with AARP, because we had changed our permanent address. I was uninformed on the in and outs of how health imsurance worked. I thought I could drop AARP and pick up another health insurance plan. I was not informed by Secure Horizons the parent company of what to do. After I dropped AARP I was talked into signing myself and wife into taking medicare direct, a plan where you sign over medicare to Secure Horizions. After a few day of doing this I changed my mind and called Secure Horizons and dropped this plan for myself and wife. The problem is that they dropped me, but did not drop my wife from this plan. I have called them and written them about this mistake. I have done everything they have asked, but my wife is still on the plan and they will not release her. They sent enrollment papers to be signed and they were never signed or sent in. I asked for both of us to be dropped from the plan after only about a week had gone by well within 30 days.

Insurance Expert Answer:

It would be necessary to know exactly what you said and also see the exact correspondence you had with the carriers to be able to answer this properly, and without that we can't even start to help.

You should write a polite letter to the CEO of Secure Horizons (calling the 800 number call center is usually unhelpful) and explain what you said on the phone, what they did and what you want done.