• Insurance Carrier: Cigna Tel-drug
  • State: MN

Consumer Complaint:

Cigna TelDrug billed me $239.20 and stated that they had accounting system problems and this was never billed for a year or longer. I did not have the time to go back and dig, so I paid $239.20 on 6/9/08. THEN, on 7/7, I ordered a refill, only to be told that they would not process it until I paid an outstanding balance of $239.20. I paid it to get my subscription, but found proof (bank statement) that I had paid it and faxed it to them referencing the shipment # on 7/8 with a detailed letter asking for an immediate credit. To date I have wasted much time on the phone and still do not have a credit. Your assistance is appreciated.

Insurance Expert Answer:

This isn't an insurance issue but a billing problem. Write a polite letter to the CEO, attaching copies of the few relevant documents. That usually works, whereas phone calls and emails do not.