• Insurance Carrier: Bristol West Insurance Group
  • State: FL

Consumer Complaint:

Fraud accident claim by vehicle 2. Driver (veh. 2) lied to policemen after hitting me from the right rear. After investigating on my own: #1- found out the diagram of the accident drawn by a \”trainee\” policeman was inaccurately drawn (impact on left rear). #2 vehicle 2 had his car repaired by MY insurance company #3 after contacting Internal Affairs with local police force, Watch Sargeant re-wrote UPDATED version of ACTUAL impact on my car (pax side rear). #4 made claim with vehicle 2 car ins. co. BRISTOL WEST. #5-They haven’t contacted me regarding the resolution of my claim for damage to MY car by vehicle 2. I’ve sent Bristol West all pertinent documents regarding CORRECT scenario of accident plus actual photos of my damaged car, plus updated report from acting Supervisor of the policeman in question. What is my next step?

Insurance Expert Answer:

Small claims court. Sue the driver that hit you. The conflicting statements can't be sorted out and it is \"he says, she says.\" So a court should decide.