• Insurance Carrier: Geico
  • State: OH

Consumer Complaint:

Vastly different repair estimates. No body injury. Other driver was at fault, but is with insufficient coverage to cover damages on my vehicle. The claim reverted to my insurance. My car was assessed for 6K damages by Geico but 12K if repaired with original Toyota parts. Is there an arbitration process to select the correct estimate? Do I have any legal rights here, or do I eat the loss and accept a substandard repair?

Insurance Expert Answer:

Sorry, but original factory parts is a racket. I have seen some data that suggests that assembling a new car based on ORIGINAL factory replacement parts would be about 5 times the cost of buying the new car. You are equating quality with brand name, but that often is not be the case. I do not know your state's rules on replacement parts -- they vary by state. Call your state insurance department and ask.