• Insurance Carrier: Unitedhealth Care
  • State: PA

Consumer Complaint:

Our company has never contracted with United Healthcare as a participating provider. To date three letters, two from our legal department have been sent stating this. United Healthcare’s confusion is with a relationship with another entity in the area. We have requested United Healthcare cease listing The Imaging Center of Lancaster as a participating provider and their EOB’s also reflect this. United Healthcares obstructionist stance and refusal to address this matter has been a great disservice to the public and patients we are trying to serve. We do not appreciate United Healthcare putting our patients in the middle of this dispute. We just would like this resolved in the best interest of our patients.

Insurance Expert Answer:

Although this service is designed for consumers only, your General Counsel's office might consider sending the General Counsel of UHC a draft of a potential lawsuit Complaint for injunction and damages (the cost of handling the calls, damage to reputation, dissatisfaction among consumers, the time to handle things, etc.). That would sure get sufficient attention for UHC to act.