• Insurance Carrier: United Health Care
  • State: FL

Consumer Complaint:

I was laid off my job and my insurance with United Health Care will expire at the end of July. I have pre-existing conditions heart attack, stents and knee surgery in the last year or so. I need to have peace of mind and cannot find anyone to cover me with similar benefits (low out of pocket copays and so forth) I am a 52 single mother who smokes cigarettes. Due to the pre existing and smoking I cant get coverage I am willing to pay somewhere in the neighborhood of about $600 per month can you help me.

Insurance Expert Answer:

No, what you want may not be possible given many serious pre-existing conditions.

COBRA it if you can.

If you had COBRAed it, and that's run out, see if there is some group plan you can join that does not do underwriting.