• Insurance Carrier: Blue Cross/blue Shield Anthem (federal)
  • State: KY

Consumer Complaint:

I was injuried in a fall 7 days after I retired. Fed. Anthiem BLUE Cross/Blue Sheild (US Postal Service) denied the claim. Medicare has denied the claim, also.. Medicare says Anthem must cover me for the entire month in which I retired. Blue Cross/Blue Shield said that Medicare is the primary, once I retired and should pay the claim. II retired effective Jan 3,2009 . I was injuried and hospitalized on Jan 9 2009-Jan14, 2009 at St. Joseph Hospital in Lexington, Kentucky.

Insurance Expert Answer:

This seems to be an outrageous Catch 22. 

I would contact the HR department at the government agency for which you worked and ask them to help.

If they can not cear this up, I'd contact my US Congressperson and ask his or her office to assist you out of the Cach 22.