• Insurance Carrier: Amica Ins.
  • State: NY

Consumer Complaint:

My dad passed away 11-08. His condo was in probate until I received a letter stating the condo was now mine on 3-09-2009. I contacted Amica Ins. to either change the policy to my name or write a new policy. They refused and cancelled the policy as of the date the Judge gave me the ownership. They refused to write a policy and didn’t give me any time to get another one.

Insurance Expert Answer:

I agree with you that I'd be ticked if a company immediately canceled the existing policy, without notice, in transfer of title from an estate (in fact I am not sure they have the right to do so in some states). Let's figure out why? AMICA has rather high underwriting standards. They are very selective and generally offer attractive rates and certainly don't take all comers. They very well may have refused to insure you due to your risk profile -- such as prior claims history (even with other companies), bad credit scores (in states that allow credit scores to be factored in), or something else that they regard as important in assessing risks. That's probably why they didn't want to insure you, even for a short while. It could also be prior claims on the home itself, and they just couldn't wait to get off the risk. Or it may have been they are cutting down the number of homes they are writing in the area you live, such as on the coast, although from your area code it seems you live in or near Westchester, and most of that county is not on the water. The good news is there are hundreds of other carriers and most of them would want to write your business in NY.