• Insurance Carrier: Union National Life Insurnance
  • State: LA

Consumer Complaint:

On July 27th 2007 my first born son turned 29 years; he died the next morning, 28th. Union National refuses to honor their Burial Policy that we have had for him since birth; the policy was renewed 10 months prior to his death. They have received 2 certified death certificates from my personal agents; they lied, saying they didn’t receive them. I reordered 2 more through the Funeral Home, because they threatened to close the claim if they didn’t received another one. They continued to threaten to close the file because Vital Records were taking too long. I sent a copy of purchase order and receipt, and highlighted the statement stating how long it would take for Baton Rouge to send me the orders. Now they have the 3rd C.D.C. but they still have me waiting, sending me letters saying they are waiting for hospital records on my child. He had never been sick but once at the age of 2; he had fever and was treated and released. I need help on forcing the company to pay what is due; can you help?

Insurance Expert Answer:

Normally I'd say put everything in writing and keep copies and records of all phone calls. Be polite and be persistent. Write to the CEO if necessary and the State Insurance Department. Unless bad faith is involved (based on experience in similar cases with the same carrier) rather than Union National's normal awful service it may not pay to sue.