• Insurance Carrier: ICUBA
  • State: FL

Consumer Complaint:

ICUBA is a consortium of independent universities and colleges in Florida managing insurance enrollments/payments whose methods of doing business need to be investigated. Twice I have been denied coverage, when in fact I had coverage. Both times I was extremely ill. The first their bookkeeping error, the second their failure to notify of changes and increases–we conveniently slipped from the list unnoticed. The second also involved verbal premiums and different coupon amounts sent with end result shortages of $159.86 in premiums from April and May. 7/28 received a shortage balance due notice calling for reimbursement to be paid with 8/1 billing due, which had already been mailed. Both instances have created cash flow issues–we are retired and on limited incomes–this creates hardships. How can we be expected to pay correctly, when they can’t do their job correctly? How many times do we have to bale out ICUBA’s errors? And how do we know when we next use our insurance, it will be there? There are definite management and accountability issues that need to be investigated. Our premium increased approximately $140 a month without notice–how much of this is due to management fees and how much actual insurance increases?

Insurance Expert Answer:

This is something to report to the Florida Insurance Department. The management organization will be responsive only to its clients -- the independent colleges and universities that use its services. Write to them and tell them how bad their agent is, and get others to do so. One or two examples is shrugged at; one or two complaints is sneered at -- only multiple complaints suggesting systemic problems get attention.