• Insurance Carrier: The Johnston Insurance Group
  • State: NJ

Consumer Complaint:

I am an owners of a N.J. shore Condominium. We had to fight to get a copy of our GL and Property Insurance. After a review, we appear to be woefuly under insured. There are also serious misrepresentations such as we \” warranted that all utilities are shut off in the winter\” which is not true. This is a year round property. The association president has instructed the insurance co. to not speak with anyone except the president and treasurer. They will not even give the secretary information. I am writing on behalf of 6 of the 18 owners. We want to see the application and all pertinent info to ascertain how and why this happened. Since we all own the entire building and this is \”our\” policy, are we entitled to get the written application etc? Please help as this is very serious.

Insurance Expert Answer:

THIS IS A PURE QUESTION OF NJ CONDOMINIUM LAW THAT SHOULD ONLY BE ANSWERED BY A NJ LAWYER WHO KNOWS THE LAW AND HAS REVIEWED THE CONDO ASSOCIATION'S GOVERNING DOCUMENTS. Insurance is one of those areas where too many cooks can spoil the broth; sometimes trying to get information by making direct contacts with a carrier can result in inadvertently messing up relationships, limiting or voiding coverage. With a busy hurricane season coming, I'd be mighty careful.