• Insurance Carrier: United American Insurance Company
  • State: SC

Consumer Complaint:

1996 My wife and I purchased life insurance on her son. I paid either semiannually or annually. In July 06 I complied with a United American Insurance Co Memo requesting I sign up for \”Premium notices electonically via Email\” since I used an online bill payment service. I signed up on July 9, 2006. They assured me I would be notified via regular mail if payment was not received and another follow up after that. In Dec. 2008 I noticed I had not made a payment in a while. I called the company to find out what I needed to pay to be current and resolve the billing issue. Each call resulted in the same manner: they would take my info and assure me an agent would call in 24 hours. I never received a call. January 30, 2009 a memo from United American arrived requesting I send them $166.00. Upon receipt the department would consider reinstating the policy. They would let me know what they decide. I paid for this policy over 10 years. Their web site shows the policy as active. I was never notified of cancellation. I feel $166.00 is a gamble. I’ll pay what I owe.

Insurance Expert Answer:

Write to your state's Department of Insurance. You may want to consider whether the policy itself is worth keeping if the young man is healthy. It's often far less expensive to buy a new policy, assuming there is still a need for coverage.