• Insurance Carrier:
  • State: DC

Consumer Complaint:

Accident in May. Three parties all had the same insurance carrier. May need counsel. Can I request carrier to pay for ‘independent counsel’ if I need it to avoid conflict of interest? Also can carrier be sued now along with a defendant? If not how does that hurt a potential defendant carrier appears to have no action clause.

Insurance Expert Answer:

There are several issues. First, if YOU have a personal injury claim, and believe you were not the person principally responsible for the accident, you want your own lawyer to handle your injury claim in any event. DO NOT WAIT to get one. (Our www.AttorneyPages.com affiliate is a great place to look.)

Second, in many multi-party accident cases everyone makes a claim against everyone else. Thus you need defense counsel as well, and want the lawyer who defends you to be independent from the insurance company -- especially if the claim is likely to be in excess of your policy limits. Insurance companies are used to dealing with that. Our advice - get a lawyer for your claim first, and that lawyer will handle the rest. If you think you were likely the principal person at fault, and face liability above the policy limit, see a qualified lawyer who knows insurance NOW.