• Insurance Carrier: Paladino Insurance, Inc
  • State: NJ

Consumer Complaint:

On May 9, 2008 I called Paladino Insurance, Inc to cancel collision and comprehension. Upon receiving our renewal policy we found that this had not been done. On May 8, 2008 the company asked for a fax to cancel said items which we did. Upon calling the company on Oct 23 and 24th we were told that they had never received our fax and would not reimburse us our money. We have had numerous problems with this company in the past as well.

Insurance Expert Answer:

First, you seem to be dealing with an insurance agent or broker, not the insurance company as such. Second, this is going to be a \"he said\", \"she said\" story.

Just on the basis of your posting even I'd doubt you as you say you sent the fax  5/8 BEFORE you CALLED THEM and they asked to send a fax. If you sent a fax, do you have proof of the fax going thru - some stores and some fax machines automatically provide that. If you’d send the recipt of the fax to them, that gives you the benefit of the doubt. Third, if you did cancel in May were you expecting to pay less or get a refund? Did you? What took until October? I'd urge you to get a new agency and carrier on your next renewal. It costs nothing. Try the top box on our site for some free quotes.

If you took the existing carrier to small claims court the agency may make a refund but, quite frankly, I don't think you have a good case without proof. Also, agencies have little incentive to drop some coverages - their renewal commissions are typically about 10% of the related premium.