• Insurance Carrier: First Acceptence Services Inc.
  • State: OH

Consumer Complaint:

I turned in a claim to repair my car in late December 2008. Since then all my insurance company has done is send out an appraiser but has done nothing but to send out for information they received when I first contacted them. I was very honest and upfront with all information they requested and to no end. They are still delaying the repairs needed to get my car back to roadworthy condition.

Insurance Expert Answer:

According to the Company's website \"First Acceptance Corporation is a retailer, servicer and underwriter of non-standard personal automobile insurance ... that [through a bunch of subsidiary insurance companies including First Acceptance Insurance Company, Inc. Village Auto Insurance Company, Inc. Young America Insurance Company, Inc. Old American County Mutual Fire Insurance Company which ] write non-standard personal automobile insurance in 12 states .... \"Non-standard personal automobile insurance is [the kind of insurance that drivers with a history of accidents and/or credit problems have to buy or get stuck with] .... because of their inability or unwillingness to obtain standard insurance coverage due to various factors, including payment history, payment preference, failure in the past to maintain continuous insurance coverage, driving record and/or vehicle type....\" In other words you are dealing with a company that is used to selling relatively costly insurance to drivers with problems that prevent them from getting regular insurance from top-flight companies. So, great service is not what one would expect, but if you are insured by them, you still are entitled to decent service, and it sounds as if you are not getting it. If you have collision coverage and one of the First Acceptance companies is your carrier, it is time to write a polite letter to the VP for claims of First Acceptance, express dissatisfaction and ask where the matter stands. You have already written to the state insurance department so between the two letters something should happen. Getting your car repaired and then suing your insurance company in small claims court is another approach. If 1st Acceptance is the other driver's company, so long as they comply with the minimum requirements of your state's unfair claims practices law, they can play a lot more hardball and thus to get them to pay you may have to sue the other driver, assuming he and not you was at fault