• Insurance Carrier: United Equitable
  • State: IL

Consumer Complaint:

My car was in an accident and I’m going against the owner of the vehicle’s car that hit my car. This accident happened last month on the 15th of February and I’m being told that the company is waiting on a police report since last month. I have also been told that this is holding things up. I talked to the adjustor today and he was very rude and he told me to stop calling him and checking on the progress of the claim.

Insurance Expert Answer:

We get lots of complaints about United Equitable for a company of its size. If you have collision coverage let your carrier handle it; even though you'll initially have to absorb the deductible. you'll eventually get at least most of it back when your carrier pursues the driver who hit you and his insurance company. Here the company is entitled to wait a reasonable time to get the statement of its insured and his side of the story and the accident reports. A month is about the outer limit of fairness in terms of waiting. If you or anyone in your car sustained any personal injury, especially if there was medical or hospital treatment and bills, missed work, lost income, or there was scarring or other permanent harm, by all means speak with a lawyer as the value of the property damage claim to your car is likely a tiny fraction of the money you'd be entitled to and taking anything for the car usually means you release the driver's insurance company from all other claims. Our www.AttorneyPages.com affiliate is the place to start looking. Lawyers rarely handle only property damage cases. You can take the other driver to small claims court to speed up the process. If you've been rear ended proving the other driver was at fault (a necessary element) is usually easy (unless he claims you backed into him -- I've seen it done). Filing suit might get the carrier to move faster, and it might offer you a bit more than it would have as it can save the cost of hiring a lawyer to represent the driver. BUT going to court on your own can really backfire and mess up a case if you don't know what you are doing, there was any personal injury (which sometimes takes week to manifest itself), the car has not been repaired (so the cost to repair it is not clearly established), or the damages sustained exceed the court's jurisdictional limits forcing you to sue for less than you are entitled to.