• Insurance Carrier: MGA Smart Choice/Worldwide Insurance
  • State: GA

Consumer Complaint:

I am an independent agent, and SmartChoice, (a large MGA) violated our contract, and took possession of my book of business, and all future commissions, without even an investigation. They call an error on my part, fraud, and I have already gotten confirmation from the Georgia department of insurance, it is not fraud. They are clearly in violation of the contract.

Insurance Expert Answer:

This involves real questions of fact, and we can't make assessments on agent - insurer disputes. If you think you're right, get a lawyer to review your contract with the carrier and the facts, and suggest possible courses of action. There may be an arbitration provision built into the contract and if so that can be less expensive and faster than litigation in court. Beware that the company MAY have the right to go after YOU if it concludes IT has a claim. Our www.attorneypages.com has the names of excellent lawyers on it.