• Insurance Carrier: NJM
  • State: NJ

Consumer Complaint:

My vehicle was stolen and recovered. The company did an investigation and during this time I incurred quite a few bills, (towing, storage & rentals). Almost a year later they sent me a letter stating they believe there were fraudulent statements made and they do not believe my car was stolen. They will not provide any coverage based on this report. This has been a year and I cannot afford to keep fighting this with my lawyer. Someone else had my car during the theft.

Insurance Expert Answer:

If you already have a lawyer you're on the right track. This is always an issue of fact and it's impossible to assess from a distance. The carrier may be engaging in bad faith, in which case it might owe far more than the value of the car, or it may be that it has evidence of fraud in your claim ( in which case you would not recover most states) and/or in terms of the theft and this involves criminal issues. At this point, only a lawyer on the scene can tell