• Insurance Carrier: State Farm
  • State: IL

Consumer Complaint:

I have lived in a townhouse since 2000.  At the time I moved I believe I was clear with the agent I was in a townhome with an association so my policy should be for a condo. The original policy was homeowners and covered full loss rather than condo with an association. While I did sign off on it, this was never questioned when I moved to a new agent and has gone on for 9 years. I only realized this was in error this month when I sought prices from other companies and realized what went on. I now have a condo policy from State Farm. They said it’s not their fault but with my lawyer from when I moved to the townhome. Don’t they have some responsibility that I’m not paying excess premium for coverage I would never use?

Insurance Expert Answer:

In a perfect world the company would have made sure you bought the right product and have a moral obligation to you to make good for its failure to do so. However, we doubt they have any legal obligation to make a refund in the world in which we live.