• Insurance Carrier: Premium Financial Specialist Inc./ American Claims Services
  • State: IL

Consumer Complaint:

I am a License Contractor and have a small construction company and am in the process of building an addition to a home. During the month of Nov/Dec several rain storms created damage to the main living quarters of the home. I contacted insurance company; the adjuster reviewed damage and submitted paperwork for recovery. Claims process is taking well over 30 days to complete; then at the 11th hour I was instructed to provide proof of purchase of all materials used to repair the existing living quarters.

Insurance Expert Answer:

While this information should have been asked for upfront, and the claim should have been processed, unfortunately things do take time, especially when the company has multiple claims, so what's happened thus far is not far below par for the course. It seems as if the insurance company first made some assessment as to whether the damages were covered under the policy at all, and now are going back and trying to have you quantify the expenses. Then they'll negotiate with you over the amount. Be polite. Be persistent. Consider whether you may want to hire a public adjuster to help you with the claim (good ones can really help speed things along and make sure you are treated properly). If the claim is denied, get back to us.