• Insurance Carrier: Citizens Property Inssurance Corporation
  • State: FL

Consumer Complaint:

Our condo association property insurance company (Citizen Property Insurance Corp.)indicated the collapse/ damage to my patio ceiling was not covered by the condo’s property insurance. The August 20-22, 2008 (Fay) roof leak caused my ceiling to crash to the patio floor. My personal cost to repair this damage is $1350.00. I purchased the condo in December 2003 and have had roof leaks from day one. The building contractor has been repairing my interior ceiling and roof leaks damage and saying the roof leak is repaired every year. The big leak problem has been from the poor installation of our cement barrel tile and chimney counter flashing. The condo association hired a professional roof engineer for $2000.00 and his inspection indicated the roof was a Type 1 roof installation and the roof underlament would not last 5 years. The contractor sent us a letter (Dated: November 2008) saying that he or his roof sub-contractor would no longer make roof leak repairs and to refer to our condo’s property insurer. The eleven unit oweners have had in excess of 60 roof leak repairs that caused interior ceiling damage since occupancy.

Insurance Expert Answer:

This is not one we can even try to help you with. Casualty insurance typically covers sudden events that cause damage, not long term defects that eventually give rise to damage. There seems to have been a basic problem with the property and your insurance does not address that. This is primarily something between you and the condo association. Finally, as it has become Florida's insurer of last resort, Citizens is not really a private insurance company, and we don't have the resources to even begin to address complaints when Citizens is involved.