• Insurance Carrier: Allstate
  • State: CO

Consumer Complaint:

Allstate refuses to authorize medical attention as a result of their assured driving her car into mine until their claim is ‘updated’, whatever that means. Their adjuster refuses to supply a rental vehicle until their claim is ‘updated’. She is rude and uncooperative. My shoulder is killing me.

Insurance Expert Answer:

We suggest you STOP horsing around with rude bureaucrats at an Allstate call center that are out to minimize Allstate's liability and expense and care nothing about you. The Allstate adjusters, when they finally speak to you, are not your friend either. They are even worse.

If you were injured in a car accident and the other driver is primarily at fault, 98% of the time it is worth your while to speak with a lawyer ASAP. Lawyers typically do not charge any upfront fee to handle accident cases. If the matter is minor, they will tell you right away and suggest a course of action for you if the case is not worth their while. Further, if you are really injured they will often quickly be able to recover for any medical expenses you incur (and may tell you your own auto insurance company will pay to see any doctor you choose) any loss of income you sustain, any extra expense you incur plus money for pain and suffering and future diminution of function.

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