• Insurance Carrier: Emc Insurance
  • State: PA

Consumer Complaint:

I was rear-ended while stopped at a traffic light. The estimate for my car repairs was $1900. The other driver’s insurance co mailed me a check for $383 and said that they will not pay out the rest unless the car is repaired. Can they make me fix the car or take a smaller settlement? I do not want to take the smaller settlement but also do not want to fix the car. What are my options?

Insurance Expert Answer:

Your options are to really have the car repaired, or to take the offer of pennies on the dollar, or to sue the other driver for the loss in value. The difficulty with the 3rd alternative is you'll likely need some expert to testify as to the diminution of value.

With a paid repair bill, that suffices. The insurance company is not going to pay to have someone pocket the cash.