• Insurance Carrier: Allstate
  • State: GA

Consumer Complaint:

My car was stolen in June it’s now August and I have no idea where they are with this claim. They were waiting for a cause and origin report which has been the excuse for the last two weeks. The rental vehicle was returned on July 24th so that leaves me with no transportation.

Insurance Expert Answer:

Each state has its own detailed rules for how long it can take for claim investigation and settlement, and very often the time can vary based on the facts and circumstances. Stolen car claims normally require more than average investigation as sometimes the cars are recovered and every so often the insured is involved in the reported threat.

Here's what we suggest. 1. In addition to calling, start writing LETTERS to Allstate asking for payment and asking what they suggest -- explaining your need of a car. 2. Also ask for their confirmation that they will pay for rental charges when, as and if the claim is approved. 3. Contact your state's Insurance Commissioner and ask what the time limits are.