• Insurance Carrier: Aetna
  • State: AL

Consumer Complaint:

Aetna claims that after I have been on long term disability for 3 months that have to convert to a Cobra plan. According to the company I work for (Directv) I have 12 months before it becomes a Cobra issue. Aetna also claims that they never received a change of address from me but Metlife did receive my change of address. And yet they accepted premium payments from me, even as of this month. Aetna is the company issuing my monthly benefits. I have a genetic blood disorder that can never be cured (hemochromatosis); it will kill me at an early age if not treated. Without my medical benefits I can’t receive treatment. By the way, while I am on longterm disability leave, I am still employed with the company.

Insurance Expert Answer:

Go to your employer's benefits office and discuss it with them right away. They should have good access to Aetna to get this straightened out. In dealing with this going forward, make notes of every conversation (date, time, who you spoke to, what you and they said) and start documenting things with letters. So when you contact your employer, send a letter (WITH A STAMP - and keep a copy) thanking the person you saw or spoke with, repeating that you want COBRA (if you need it) and that the employer will be contacting Aetna promptly to get this handled. You also can write to the CEO of Aetna in the Hartford area if things reach an impasse, but your company should be able to handle things.