• Insurance Carrier: American Strategic Insurance
  • State: FL

Consumer Complaint:

We were robbed of approximately $11,000 dollars and our insurance policy did not state anywhere that we had a limit on jewelry. After we submitted our claim the adjuster told us we had only a $1,000 dollar limit for bric-a-brac which he said stands for jewelry. I looked up the definition for this phrase in several dictionary websites and nowhere does it define bric-a-brac as jewelry. I think he is trying to pull one over on me.

Insurance Expert Answer:

You may well have been issued a policy that accidently omitted an exclusions or limitations on coverage page, or be dealing with an insurance company that uses a non-standard policy form. (Please also check the \"declarations\" page that is usually customized for each policy -- it looks as if it were individually typed or printed, and typically lists dollar amounts.) If the policy does not use the word jewelry and you have a jewelry loss, they are fully liable for the loss to the extent they would have been liable if the loss occurred to other property. You can take them to small claims court on your own, or speak to a lawyer or the State Insurance Department.