• Insurance Carrier: Allstate
  • State: IL

Consumer Complaint:

I have recently called Allstate as hail and wind damage to my home has become noticeable to my untrained eye. Though the adjustor admits there is damage to all 4 sides of my home, I am told Allstate will only cover the damage to the back since the other damage may have occurred more then a year ago. I am the original owner and have carried insurance with Allstate since moving into my home in March of 1995.

Insurance Expert Answer:

I don't know what to tell you. If the damage is significant all over they could have covered it as they were always your home's insurer. Yet, they won't as they charge each year's experience to that year for rate adjustment purposes, unless you have an expert that says it was recent damage.

This is one where you'd likely need an \"expert\" to say when the damage occurred. The firm that will repair the home may be such an expert. You can submit the firm's report to the adjuster, hire a public adjuster to assist you (probably the best bet) or hire a lawyer.