• Insurance Carrier: Starnet Ins. Company
  • State: CO

Consumer Complaint:

I have not been able to contact policy holder, to fill out a part of the form. I have contacted the ins. company where he purchased the policy and he said he would help. Bills have not been paid. It was a Blanket Accident Policy. No relation to the policyholder. My son was in a sporting event for a night on August 2, 2008 for the promoter. The policy holder did not give us the form that needs to be filled out in order for the insurance company to pay. I have made many calls to find the phone number of the company that should handle the claim and I was told that a notification of injury needed to be filled out partly by the policyholder. I have made attempts to contact him and he has not returned my call. I did finally get a phone number of the person that sold the policy to the policholder and he told me he would do want is needed to get the company (Loomis Company) that handles the claim to Loomis Company. I called Loomis Company and they told me they have not received anything from StarNet Insurance.

Insurance Expert Answer:

Write a letter to the promoter and the operator of the venue stating that an injury occurred, damages and medical bills resulted, and you intend to retain a lawyer unless they treat the claim fairly. If the injury was serious and it will have a long lasting effect, a lawyer makes sense now.